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Atomic Clock Free downloadAtomic Clock APK

Android Atomic Clock APK is published by FSP Apps. This clock app is used to make your android mobile time accurate and perfect. Atomic clock app uses the internal GPS of the android device to perfect extract Atomic Time. Make sure your GPS chip is working fine before use. Internet connection is not required to dine this. Try this app in outdoors or close to a window use the menu button to toggle between 12/24 hours clocks Accuracy. The overall accuracy depends upon your GPS Chip and how it works to send its messages to android. User can expect a typical accuracy of 1 second may be its grater or lower than 1. Android devices use different type of GPS Chips so these chips are all made slightly different. Developers tried to solve all the problems and make it reliable and tried to handle most of cases.

Atomic Clock app

Atomic Clock APK’s Features:

  • Shows Perfect and accurate time
  • Supports Landscape and Portrait both modes
  • AM/PM and 2h Modes
  • Options to show or hide million seconds
  • Refresh rate of the display – lower value of refresh rate slow down the battery drain
  • Auto Current Date and Time Select – Only available on the rooted android devices
  • Fast and Accurate

Atomic Clock apk

How to set your Android for Atomic Clock APK:

Atomic clock depends upon the chip used in the android device of GPS. Android phone use the carrier to ensure date and time but if you go out of the cellular range and there are lot of times or cellular network have some difficulties to sync times hours and seconds. So here are how to set Atomic Clock apk

Step-1: Install Atomic Clock apk

Step-2: Set automatically sync options

Step-3: Sync your clock atomic time

Step-4: here you go (you did it successfully)

Atomic Clock download

About Atomic Clock APK:

NTP Protocol is used to synchronize the app Time and therefore requires internet Connection. Atomic clock uses your android device just as a clock generator the real time is received from one of the Servers of NTP.

What’s New?

In the latest version 2.0 there are some latest features

  • Automatically set date and time in rooted device on background
  • New layout and design
  • Some errors and bugs are fixed

Additional information of Atomic Clock APP:

Atomic Clock Apk is developed by FSP Apps has 10 thousand+ downloads and 4start rating (4.0 rating). Size of Atomic Clock apk is 2.6 MB. It requires and Android device having 2.3 or higher version of android. Current version of the app is 2.0. Apk is also used for sync Time.

Atomic Clock apk download

How to Install Atomic Clock APK:

  1. Click on the Download link given below To Download Atomic Clock  APK.
  2. If you are downloading it in your Android device then you can easily install it otherwise you will have to transfer the download file to your Android device.
  3. Allow App Installation from unknown source in the setting of your Android Device.
  4. Open the downloaded File and install Apk.
  5. Have fun using Atomic Clock APK.

Download Atomic Clock APK

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